Saffron from Republica looks amazing in her Katie Vale hat!

A few months ago I was lucky enough to have the amazing Saffron Sprackling from Republica come to visit me in my studio.

Saffron & I had chatted on the phone before she came in, so I had a rough idea of what she wanted.  As you are all aware red & black are her signature colours; so that was easy to decide on!

Saffron tried on this hat and the size was perfect for her; both of us loved the assymetrical brim on her too.  We liked that it was a traditional hat with a qiurky edge to it.


I made Saffron’s hat in black felt and we rounded the crown of it too, to give a softer feel.  I then added a red band, giving a flash of her trade mark colour.  And at first this hat also had 2 pom poms, like the original blue design, but it just didn’t seem to work as well….so we went for a black rose instead.

Here are my shots of it on my iphone in my studio, before I sent it to Saffron.

And finally here is the awesome woman herself in the hat!  She sent me these pictures last week.  How incredible are these photo’s?  🙂

Photo’s with permission from P.S.G. Photography.

Thank you Saffron for sending me these images.  You are fabulous!



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