Hayley Abbott Art – Sketches of my Designs

A few months ago the very talented artist, Hayley Abbott contacted me & asked if she could sketch some of my designs!  I couldn’t believe it….I was totally flattered & immediately said yes!  What an accolade to think that someone like the photos of my designs that much that she wanted to sketch them?!

Anyway, Hayley was brilliant and along the way she posted images on her Facebook page of what she was up to.  I love seeing images of things develop and grow before your very eyes…..

Hayley choose some images to sketch that she found on my website, originally taken by Fiona Kelly; and as you can see she is an expert at pencil sketches. 

Once she had completed her sketches…..

She then photoshopped them using techniques that are way beyond me…..but basically she also painted some flowers & put them all together!  🙂  I am sure that this is far more difficult than I am giving credit for…I have no idea how she has done it.  But I LOVE the finished pieces!

I am so very impressed with the final sketches.  Hayley has produced elegant & subtle sketches with beautiful feminine flowers incorporated into each one too.  I adore these & with Hayley’s permission am getting them printed and put on display in my studio.

Please go and like Hayley’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/HayleyAbbottArt and follow her on Twitter https://twitter.com/hayleyyabbott

 With huge thanks to Hayley for not only choosing my hats to sketch but also for allowing me to use them in this blog post.