#TheSocialMilliner – Social Media & Marketing for Small Online Businesses

#TheSocialMilliner!  A monthly newsletter full of tips & challenges for small businesses & milliners to plan & run our social media as effectively as we can.


Who is #TheSocialMilliner?

My name is Katie, & I have my own successful millinery business in Essex, UK.  Across social media platforms I have nearly 6000 followers, I have a busy work space & shop; & send my designs all over the world.  I have built my business up, single handedly, from sewing at my kitchen table 6 years ago & working part time elsewhere, to where I am now; & I believe my business growth is predominantly due to social media.

I find it is essential to plan my social media, creating specific strategies ensuring my brand is represented correctly & current business goals are covered! #TheSocialMilliner is me sharing how & why I’ve done what I have done, to other milliners & small business owners around the world.


So what is #TheSocialMilliner?

#TheSocialMilliner itself is a monthly newsletter setting tasks for people to do & teaching them how to use social media to increase their online presence. But the unique part is that there are social media prompts for every single day of the year… so if anyone ever gets stuck on what to post & when, this newsletter is for you.

The successful use of hashtags is essential to growth & engagement on social media; you have to have a continued approach to ensure your business visibility#TheSocialMilliner will provide you with ideas & challenges for every day of the year to ensure you always have something to post.

#TheSocialMilliner newsletter will give advice on how to ensure your brand is represented as you want, how to market yourself online & to present a cohesive strategy to build up your brand awareness, broken down into manageable small tasks each month, so as not to over whelm you. It’s a slow process building your business up on social media so I plan to guide you through it step by step.

Each monthly newsletter will also contain specific challenges & tips, in order to learn more about social media & to ensure you are posting the right things at the right time.

Plus I’ll be offering more indepth training via Webinar’s too, which you would be able to access at a discounted rate throughout the year. And finally there is also a closed group on facebook too, to allow us to catch up as a community!


What is included in #TheSocialMilliner?

  • monthly social media challenges providing you with the ability to create content
  • an up to date calendar of millinery events throughout the world
  • tips to keep your social media strategized & targeted
  • advice on marketing your business correctly through social media
  • access to a closed facebook group
  • access to Webinar’s with further information & content


How much does it cost?

The cost of a years subscription to #TheSocialMilliner is a one off payment of £30.  But if you order before the 20th December all of the above can be yours for just £25. Sign up now for your discount!

The first newsletter will be landing in inboxes on 20th December, so sign up before then to ensure you are ready to start 2019 with a bang!