Leopard Print Heart – Spring / Summer 2012

There are two colours that are always found in my wardrobe: 1 – leopard print.  2 – red.  So I was very excited to combine the two for this lovely fascinator. This heart fascinator is sewn onto a wide leopard print fur … Continue reading

Pink Inverted Hat – Spring / Summer 2012

I got the material for this and pondered on what design I wanted to do with it for a while.  Then I had a bit of an Eureka moment.  This was the result. This hat is a large inverted hat … Continue reading

Lilac Floral Disc – Spring / Summer 2012

As usual I started out with an idea in my mind….and it turned out a lot better 🙂 I had wanted to do a lilac assymetrical disc and I wanted a mixture of flowers on both the top side and underside … Continue reading

Cala Lily Headband – Spring / Summer 2012

Every so often I go off on a tangent and get a little excited by the things we can create.  It was one of those moments when I made this……:-) I started by making a cala lily flower, not necessarily … Continue reading

Spiralled Feather Fascinator – Spring / Summer 2012

I like the elegance of this fascinator.  It’s burnt pheasant feathers, all twisted together on a hair clip.  It makes a statement, without being over powering. And where all of the lovely feathers meet each other, they is a cluster … Continue reading

Gold Pearl Heart – Spring / Summer 2012

I do love a bit of gold….and hearts are my favourite shape.  Yep, I’m a softy.  So when I sat with these bronze, gold & cream Swarovski pearls in my hand….I just knew I wanted them to adorn a design in … Continue reading

Cream Bow – Spring / Summer 2012

I made this hat at the end of 2011.  Next thing I know Prince William marries Kate Middleton and everyone at the wedding was wearing central worn fascinators!  I was actually a tad cheesed off….as I did this first!  But … Continue reading

Lace Roses & Pearls – Spring / Summer 2012

So after my Die Hard fascinator I got a bit intrigued and happy by the draped beads and the movement they created.  And so I designed this tear drop fascinator. I love this fascinator.  It’s probably my favourite….well at least … Continue reading

Brown Ribboned Fascinator – Spring / Summer 2012

If I told you where I got the inspiration for this fascinator from you may laugh……it was whilst watching Die Hard!  I promise you that!  🙂 I was sat watching Bruce Willis fight the baddies at Christmas at home with … Continue reading