Multicoloured Ribboned Fascinator – Spring / Summer 2013

Today I’m showing you all of the photos of my ribboned fascinator from last year. I had previously made a few different ribboned fascinators, but they had always been 1 block colour, but lots of different ribbons like this one…… … Continue reading

Pink October Limited Edition Fascinator – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Let’s be honest, is there anyone out there that hasn’t been effected one way or another by Breast Cancer?  We all know someone that has been diagnosed with the horrendous disease; and sadly I’m sure we all know someone who … Continue reading

Brown Ribboned Fascinator – Spring / Summer 2012

If I told you where I got the inspiration for this fascinator from you may laugh……it was whilst watching Die Hard!  I promise you that!  🙂 I was sat watching Bruce Willis fight the baddies at Christmas at home with … Continue reading