Large Flower Fascinator – Autumn / Winter 2012

This is my most popular design to date.  Usually I design & make a fascinator, then sell it.  I might replicate parts of it or add a different colour to it, but this fascinator has been made another 5 times now…..each in … Continue reading

Burgundy Bow Pill Box – Autumn Winter 2012

Next up is this gorgeous velvet pill box. This hat is a large pill box hat and is worn quite far back on the head.  It is made with a luscious burgundy velvet and a soft pink chiffon band.  I think … Continue reading

Leopard Print Head Band – Autumn / Winter 2012

I love leopard print.  I honestly could sit drooling over the stuff for hours.  Dad has referred to me as Kat Slater from EastEnders due to my love for it….this doesn’t offend me.  So yeah, it’s safe to say I … Continue reading

Blue Assymetrical Trilby – Autumn / Winter 2012

I found this gorgeous blue tweed material and knew I wanted to make a trilby with it; but I wanted to do one with an assymetrical brim.  I love how a brim can totally change the style and feel to a … Continue reading

Green Felt Tear Drop Percher – Autumn / Winter 2012

This jade green felt percher was a bit of an experiment if I’m honest….and I’d say it turned out to be a good one! So I had a new block in a tear drop percher shape.  And I had some rope from … Continue reading

Blue Leather Percher – Autumn / Winter 2012

The most common question I get asked about this hat is…..what is it made of?  Leather!  And a bit of suede too. This bright blue leather makes a really lovely percher fascinator.  It’s so smooth that every one is always … Continue reading

Red Felt Heart – Autumn / Winter 2012

This is possibly my most famous fascinator, as I wear this all the time and it’s on my profile picture on my twitter feed.  🙂 A heart is my favourite shape; so I love the simplicity of this fascinator yet but also it’s … Continue reading

Green Velvet Pillbox with Orange Flower – Autumn / Winter 2012

This is my next hat to appear in this blog series. This hat has a real autumnal feel to it.  It’s base is a rich green velvet, and it is topped with a large bright orange and green chiffon flower.  … Continue reading

Guinea Fowl Feathered Fascinator – Autumn / Winter 2012

Having posted all of the images, design by design for my Spring / Summer 2012 shoot I’m now doing the same for my Autumn / Winter 2012 shoot too.  Here I’ll be looking at each design and giving you a … Continue reading