Portsmouth Vintage Fair

Last weekend in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Victorious Vintage organised a great day out at Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard.

I shared a stall with the Betty from Betty Blue’s Loungerie who designs the most gorgeous vintage inspired loungerie.  Here she is looking very glamourous herself in one of her creations alongside her model Maria!


I was a little nervous setting my stall up as I’ve never actually done a vintage fair before, all of the fair’s I’ve done have been wedding fairs so I wasn’t sure if people would challenge the authenticity or vintageness of my designs!  I don’t say that I am vintage inspired but actually a lot of my designs naturally lend themselves well to vintage styles.

I was really very lucky as I didn’t expect to sell much, if anything at the show and saw it more of a marketing tool to get more people to see my designs so you can imagine how pleased I was when I sold 3 hats!

The first hat I sold was the brown ribbon fascinator.  I felt cheeky selling this, as when I had my recent photoshoot my model Nicola spent all day pointing out how much she loved it!  Opps!  Sorry Nic! 

I sold another fascinator that I had made specifically for the weekend, which was nautical inspired.  And then most exciting of all….the gorgeous leopard print heart that I so many people have commented on, was sold.

I was really excited about the fair and have had lots of press from it since too!  But what made me happiest was that all of the ladies purchasing hats, wore them immediately and spent the day in their Katie Vale Design!  How lovely?




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