Fun & funky treasure island fascinator’s!

A few months ago I had an email from a lady who was organising a themed party.  The theme was a ship wrecked treasure island!  And so she asked me to make 6 fascinators. 

I was given free rein to do what ever I wanted and the brief was simple: “fun, practical, each unique and different to the other & reminiscent of a deserted island!”  What a great brief!

And so this is what I created……

This is a royal blue sinamay based percher hat with a mini beach and 3D palm tree.  This was my favourite one I think!  🙂

Then there was this very glittery crab hair comb that sat neatly on the head! 

Another cute hair comb was this friendly lobster!  It really looked great on!  🙂  Can I have 2 favourites?

Then there was this dolphin percher hat, again the waves are 3D and the dolphin leaps out over the top of the head! 

This seagull percher was made of a sinamay base and the white birds really stood out!

And finally a deserted island wouldn’t be complete without a lost treasure chest.  This was set on a comb and was actually really easy to wear.  I’d put secret loops into it so that the wearer could secure it with extra pins if need be. 

I loved making these fun designs and it was great to be given the scope to do whatever I wanted!  Hope you enjoy looking at them!



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