Brown Ribboned Fascinator – Spring / Summer 2012

If I told you where I got the inspiration for this fascinator from you may laugh……it was whilst watching Die Hard!  I promise you that!  🙂

I was sat watching Bruce Willis fight the baddies at Christmas at home with the family and I saw all of these explosions and slow motion movement.  To me it looked like pretty ribbons with loads of excitement and movement.

And that’s what I was inspired to create this little design with…..

So I know it doesn’t have Bruce Willis sitting on top of it, but it was the mish-mash of layered ribbons with the drapped beads and added brooches in it; that just gave me the feel of excitement and movement.  The hanging beads do move when it’s worn too.

I’m sure some people can see what I’m saying, and maybe others can’t…..but there you go.  That’s how my brain works 🙂

Some lovely lady could see the excitement in this design though, as this piece has been sold.  But I have a similar design in my Spring / Summer 2013 range…..





As always, thanks to the team.  My Die Hard team 🙂

Photographer – Fiona Kelly

Model – Nicola Hume

Hair & Make-Up – Hayley King & Joyce Connor



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