Lace Abstract Fascinator – Spring / Summer 2012

So I wanted to do a design that was mainly focused on the layered lace effect that was so prominent last year, and has followed through to this year too.  And so after lots of thinking about the best design for it and the overall shape and feel…..I went for this…..

I wanted the delicate and traditional feel of the lace to be completely opposite to the overall shape and design of the fascinator.  It was this juxtiposition that makes this so successful.

This is a fairly unusual design, but it is not so big that it is intimidating.  So if you wanted something a little unique, but also completely wearable without taking over an outfit….this would be perfect for you.

It has a cream material base with a lovely soft, black lace over it.  It is secured in place with a comb and due to how light it is, you’d be able to wear it all day with no problems or concerns!

This one has actually been sold, but I could make you another similar design if you liked it!



As always, thanks to the team.  Team hugs!

Photographer – Fiona Kelly

Model – Nicola Hume

Hair & Make-Up – Hayley King & Joyce Connor

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