Lace Roses & Pearls – Spring / Summer 2012

So after my Die Hard fascinator I got a bit intrigued and happy by the draped beads and the movement they created.  And so I designed this tear drop fascinator.

I love this fascinator.  It’s probably my favourite….well at least in my top 3 so far!  I wanted something that was ultra feminine and had a pretty delicate lace that I came across…I teamed it with a very vibrant orange satin, which ended up softening a huge amount once the two were layered with each other.

The colour of the material roses and the pearls reall complimented each other.  It think it has an antique feel to it, yet the draped and hanging pearls give a much more modern twist too.

This fascinator is still for sale and you can see it here.



As always, thanks to the team.  What a pearly bunch!

Photographer – Fiona Kelly

Model – Nicola Hume

Hair & Make-Up – Hayley King & Joyce Connor

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