Large Flower Fascinator – Autumn / Winter 2012

This is my most popular design to date.  Usually I design & make a fascinator, then sell it.  I might replicate parts of it or add a different colour to it, but this fascinator has been made another 5 times now…..each in a different colour.  And it’s tried on most in my studio too!

This fascinator started life, as they all do as a roll of sinamay; I began in the centre and it just continued to grow.  I didn’t plan on it being as big as it is….I just kept adding more petals!

This is a real striking design and suits so many ladies, as it sits neatly on the head, without causing an obstruction!  It goes with so many outfits and styles; and I think it really is a timeless piece.

I’ve made this several times now; some have had it made in 2 contrasting colours & others have had it made a shade smaller.  Whenever a customer comes into my studio…..this is always the one they aim for…..yet ironically, the original is still for sale!  🙂

Elaine had it made in pale blue & royal blue…..and kept the original size, in fact it may have even been a little bigger:

And Tatia had it made in sunshine yellow (even though the sun was not shining the day she wore it!).  She also had hers made smaller in size:

And what I love about this is that, even though the original was the navy flower; each design since has been tweeked and changed slightly to suit the new owner!



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