Rust Straw Fascinator – Autumn / Winter 2012

This hat has very tradtional, yet modern elements to it.  I think I need to explain a bit more about how this was made too!

So the rust straw of this hat is a beautiful vintage straw.  I got it so it was all rolled up like a reel of ribbon; but it is quite stiff & “crunchy” to start with.  So I had to soften it, and then set it circle by circle on the block; sewing it as I go to make sure it retains the block shape, as well as ensuring that I’ve kept the lovely design of the straw too.

Hand braiding takes a long time, as you literally have to block & sew as you go, little by little.  But I think the end result is totally worth it!  I think this is a unique design that you won’t see anywhere else.  It’s still for sale and won’t be able to be repeated at all.




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