Floral Stetson – Spring / Summer 2013

This blog post includes my favourite picture from the entire 2013 shoot……

The bus driver is just loving this too!  Ha!  Perfect timing from Fiona

And so this blog post is about my floral stetson!

As you probably know the stetson is the traditional hat of choice for cowboys in the USA.  And whilst lots of woman now where them, traditionally they are associated with men.  

I had this gorgeous floral patterned sinamay and thought it made the perfect stetson for a woman!  It gave a masculine hat a very feminine feel and it seemed only right that I finish the design with the large white chiffon bow. 

I like this hat!  I think it’s dramatic and stylish, whilst still retaining the very classic shape.  It is still for sale too and can be found here.

Hope you like these images & as usual a huge thanks to the motley crew that helped make them look amazing:

Fiona Kelly – our photographer

Joyce Connor – make up wonder woman

Hayley King – hair stylist extrodinaire

Nicola Hume – the face underneath the hat 🙂

Thanks all





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