Ribbon Visor – Spring / Summer 2013

Sometimes I really dislike my job.  Making this visor was one of those times.  The reason being….that I want to keep it!  And I can’t!  If I keep everything I like, I would be a poor woman sat alone in a house full of hats.  And that’s not going to help anyone.

I was on a hen weekend in Yorkshire when I found the most amazing haberdashery, with these incredible ribbons in them.  I bought metres & metres of ribbon in these beautiful woven patterns.  And I’m glad I did as I’ve never seen this particular brand since.  Ribbons are often made with a printed pattern, but the woven ribbons are far better quality and it really shows when you see this viser.

I also loved the knotted pattern on the straw.  I knew when I got the original straw that I wanted the main bulk of the design to show off the delicate knots and for it not to be over-shadowed by some sort of decoration.  That’s when I came up with this design 🙂  it works brilliantly for both the straw & the ribbons….showing them both off so well.

This has now sold….it was bought as a birthday present & I’ll post a photo of it being worn soon!

I hope the new owner, Amanda, gets to enjoy lots of British summer sunshine in it!



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