Polka Dot Inverted Brimmed Hat – Spring / Summer 2013

Well if you liked my polka dot fascinator, but wanted something a little more dramatic…..this hat is for you.

I wanted to design a dramatic hat, but one that wasn’t just your average wide brimmed hat.  Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with them at all…..but this wasn’t what I was aiming for with this hat. 

I had seen lots of images of ladies at weddings, where their faces were covered by the brims & I suddenly realised that actually if I inverted the brim totally it would give a fabulous effect.  And this hat was the result.  I can assure you when I finished this, I was one very happy milliner!

This hat is still for sale & would look amazing worn with any monochrome outfit for a wedding or Ascot.




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