Polka Dot Spiral Fascinator – Spring / Summer 2013

I know I say it every time….but I love this fascinator.

I have a bit of a love affair with polka dots (shhh, don’t tell leopard print, it’ll get jealous!) and I saw this material a while ago.  I know that I had to have it!

I had no plans of what I was going to do with it, just that it was going in my store cupboard.  And one day I decided to get it out to have a play….this fascinator was the result.

I like that the polka dots are solid & structured, regular in their pattern.  And they are complimented by the loops & movement of the spirals.  This is actually quite a large fascinator once it’s put on, it can be deceiving.

Amazingly, this is still for sale.  One day, some one will just walk in & fall in love with it & it’ll be the perfect design for them; that’s the way it goes!  🙂

Anyway, I hope you like it.



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