Peacock Feather Fascinator – Spring / Summer 2013

Some people believe that Peacock feather’s are unlucky; but then some people don’t believe in fairies! 

Today I’m showing you all of the photo’s that we took of this design……my gorgeous Peacock Feathered Fascinator.


I had some lovely peacock feathers in the studio, I really liked the delicacy of them & how light they were as the wind  blew on them, but also how striking they were.  Even though they had so much movement in them, they were still so very strong & bold.

I started by adding the Eyes to a base, and then created a large spray, sweeping over the top of the head.  This created a beautiful shape arching over from one side.

When this was on display in my studio it would get a huge amount of attention; however it was the lovely Claire who ended up buying it.  She wanted some more orange feathers added though to tie in the bright colour of her shoes; so I added some bright orange feathers too.

This was the result.  A gorgeous design that looks as though it was made for Claire’s dress!




“Katie assissted me in choosing the perfect piece to match my dress and fit with the country house wedding venue. She encouraged me to be bold both with the colour and size and trusting her creative flair meant my fascinator was more stunning than I could have imagined.”



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