Mint Green Hat with Flowers – Spring / Summer 2013

I have a slight obsession with assymetric brims……I find them flattering and they are very popular at the moment.

This is one hat that I made for my Spring / Summer 2013 collection that had to include this type of brim!

This hat is made of straw in a lovely mint green colour; green and pink are my favourite colour combination…..and so I decided to echo the very subtle green with an equally subtle pink to decorate the hat.  I added some various sized roses along the front of the crown.

The ratio of the hat size & decoration is something I really like about this design.  The actual hat itself is fairly small, whereas the flowers are quite large in comparison.  This hat could be made in any colour combination and I think it is a really “easy” hat to wear.

It’s for sale here.  And below are the rest of the photos of the hat.



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