Floral Band – Bridal Millinery

I love this bridal hair band; I think it has a real 60s feel to it.

This is a very simple design, but I think it’s really effective.  It is simply a white band covered in hundreds of small ribboned flowers.  To me this screams spring time, flower power and femininity. 

I’m not going to lie…..this took hours and hours for me to make!  Every single rose is hand sewn in place.  I ended up making this over the course of a few weeks; as doing all of the roses in one go was too monotonous for me so I would sew a bit at a time. 

Anyway, I think the bride that wears this will be able to wear it lots afterwards too and I envisage her being very cool and relaxed…..a real hippy in spired bride!

This design is still for sale.  But it’ll go one day to the right person!



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