David Bowie – A Fashion Icon

I’d planned on sharing a different blog post with you today, however in light of yesterday’s news it seems fitting that today I look at a true icon, David Bowie.

David Bowie was arguably the most forward thinking pioneer of fashion the music industry had ever seen. I’d go as far as saying that no one has reinvented themselves in such a dramatic way, to portray their music, until the rise of Lady Gaga.

And whilst we can all remember such striking & ground breaking flamboyance from his Glamrock 70s era…..

….the one thing that has been repeated time & again since his death…..is what a pleasant & friendly gentleman he was.

David Bowie oozed coolness & sex appeal in equal quantities. He was loved by men & women around the world; and whilst his music will be what he is remembered most for….I know that 2nd to that will be his fashion & dress sense.

Rest in peace you wonderful man xx


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