Getting my blog back on…..

And so I must apologise……I’ve not blogged for so long….nearly a year!!!  I hang my head in shame…..

Peach Lace

Photo credit: Fiona Kelly

And whilst part of me is embarrassed that I’ve not blogged for so long….there is a fabulous reason for it…I’ve just been so busy I’ve not had the chance to stop & think, let alone write a blog post about it.  However, that will be changing in 2017, as I feel that it’s great way of me communicating with you & explaining a little more about what I do & what I get up to!

I have lots of exciting news to tell you, including some new regular blog posts.  And so I will be keeping this post very short & sweet….watch this space….the new & exciting Katie Vale Designs blog is back up & running!




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