Rainbow Club Shoes – Evelyne

These pretty lace court shoes by Rainbow Club are called Evelyne…..

These shoes have a lace covering over the body of the shoe & a flattering ankle strap too.



One of the things that attracts people to this shoe is that the heel is of a nice height, without being too clumpy or too high….it is a popular heel height of 6.25cm / 2 ⅝”.  And the attractive part of this shoe is that they can be dyed too; obviously the lace is still a key feature with these shoes & when they are dyed that remains visible.

The court shoes are edged in a shimmer material & the ankle strap is made of the same material.  They are available to order directly with me; in ivory for £99 & dyed any of the 280 colours for an extra £25.

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