Royal Ascot 2017 – Day 1

One week on from Royal Ascot & it’s finally time for me to blog about the gorgeous headwear that we saw there.  From dramatic sweeping brims, large show stopping flowers & abstract shapes….this year did not disappoint.  Here are just a few of the pieces worn on Tuesday that I liked.

Kate wore a white crin centre disc.  It’s not until you really look close that you can see the intricate detail in it, I particularly like the small lace flowers that sit behind the piece & cleverly cover the seam line where the crin attaches to the base.


The Queen wore a striking lime green outfit, a colour we have seen her in a few times recently.  I like the double effect sweeping up brim…but I’m not sure if the flower is a little harsh.


Talking of flowers, lots of ladies wore large dramatic flowers….


I really like the flamboyance of this piece worn by designer Isabell Kristensen. Even though it is eye catching, it is made of just 1 shade of colour & 1 fabric….making it very simple too.  It is sat on a plain pill box base, to keep it supported; but that’s not visible in this photo, it’s purely there for structure support.


Camilla opted for an ivory / white outfit like Kate did, but as usual she had a much larger hat. With an angular crown & matching sweeping brim, this hat is then topped with a lovely feathered trim of goose biots.


I really like this royal blue piece. I like the way the feathers sweep & curve up from the base; with a quill running through the centre. This will be a really wearable & light design, even though it’s quite striking & full of movement.  I will go as far as saying it’s in my Top 3 of favourite pieces of the day!


This black abstract shape has a large green spikey feather flower in the centre of it.  I like the curved sinamay, it’s adds a lot of drama to the piece.


This lady opted for a traditional shape of a top hat, with a mirrored horse, including plumage on the side of it.  Nothing shouts Royal Ascot more than a top hat & horse combo!


I originally thought this was a large crin disc on it’s own….but actually if you look closely it’s set on a button shaped percher base. I really like the peacock blue colour of this design & think the dyed pheasant feathers are a perfect decoration in the centre, just adding a little black to break it up.


This very unique piece is wonderful. It’s made of a magenta tulle veiling that sweeps all over the head & face; and then has branches of flowers coming from the centre of the design too. An obvious statement piece!


The flamboyant Rebecca in her animal print hat, looks wonderful. Rebecca & I have the same millinery tutor, she always makes some incredible millinery pieces to wear to Royal Ascot.


Carole Middleton wore the hat that she wore for Kate & Will’s wedding, a lovely pale blue disc with large satin trim.  I have always loved how the trim is so prominent & remains a key feature of this design.


Zara Tindall opted for a white percher hat with a sinamay bow on it in different shades of blue. It’s not her usual style & is rather under stated for Zara.  But of course, the bow has the wisp of excitement to it….making it a Zara piece.


I think this piece is utterly sublime!!! The percher sits centrally on the head in the muted copper tones, and then has large pheasant feathers sweeping out of the centre of it. Even though it is neutral tones it is incredibly striking!


This pale blue hat was definitely inspired by the iconic hat Audrey Hepburn wore in My Fair Lady, complete with opulent ostrich feathers….


There are lots of citrus colours around at the moment & this piece has been teamed up with a large bright pink flower in the centre.  There is then a circular design of feathers spinning out of it.  Although they look “spikey” these feathers are actually very soft, they are not hard quills; so this wouldn’t cause anyone any damage!


Designer Amanda Wakeley wore a halo shaped piece, with a heavy crin visor attached to it. I love the top half of this piece, but think the lower half might be a tad heavy.


As you know Gents have to wear top hats, & it’s just wonderful to see this elaborate midisized design.


You can never go wrong with a monochrome design….the points coming out from under the flowers just add a bit of edge to the soft flowers, giving a more modern feel to what could have been a rather traditional piece.


This soft grey percher, is decorated with blooms to coordinate well with this ladies dress.


This was the first year that ladies attending Royal Ascot were permitted to wear jumpsuits….and I’m so glad they were, as this outfit is gorgeous. The orange stripes in the outfit has been picked up well with this little button hat.


I like this piece, although an unusual abstract shape, it’s quite petite so it’s ridiculously imposing.


My favourite Royal hat of the day, was without a doubt worn by Sophie Wessex. Sophie’s style choices in the last few years have been exquisite & I think this straw hat is elegant & quite frankly, perfect. I will do a full blog post on this hat soon, where I explain why I love it so much!


And my absolute favourite hat of all from Day 1 at Royal Ascot 2017…..

What’s not to love about this piece??? Again…my 2 favourites will have separate blogs written about them shortly.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my round up of Royal Ascot’s 1st day.



All images embedded from Getty Images.

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