Royal Ascot 2017 – Day 2

The 2nd day of Royal Ascot saw another display of beautiful millinery & I’m sure you agree some of the designs are just exquisite.

I really like the Queen in this lovely buttercup yellow; the brim is smaller & more subtle than yesterday’s hat, so the decoration is larger to balance it all out.

Actress Eleanor Tomlinson wore a lovely white, front sitting disc. I really like the shape of this piece. It sits precisely on the bump of the head & includes a large dramatic kick up.

This abstract monochrome shape is gorgeous; there is so much movement as this piece sweeps over the head, it is then finished off with a spray of feathers.

Sophie Wessex wowed the crowds again in a gorgeous plum straw braided hat. It has a shallow crown & large, fairly flat brim, it is then topped with matching blooms. Once again she gets this right!

With unusual detail, appearing to be eyes….the shape of this halo crown is looking to return. There have been a few ladies with this shape this year!

This abstract shape is certainly going to make you stand out. I love the green & hot pink combination too.

A dramatic curved brim, with a lovely cluster of flowers underneath the brim & a pom pom of feathers on top of it.

Another gorgeous saucer disc with feathers spiralling upwards. This shape will obviously add more height to any wearer.

You can never go wrong with a classic button shape & soft bows on top of it; and the placement, style & size of this bow is perfect!


A black & white boater…simple yet stylish.

Once again we see a fairly simple button base, with just a few statement feathers, & in this instance they are pheasant feathers.

This headpiece has a biscuit coloured base, and again it has pheasant feathers curved throughout it.

I just love the softness of the crin swirls of this piece. It looks like candy floss….candy floss with wings!

Love this!!! I was very tempted to make this my favourite of the day….but it came a close 3rd. What a statement piece!

Saucer discs are so popular, and this is another style of wearing it very tilted, with lots of detail underneath the brim.

Another “flower” shape, like those we saw yesterday….but a lot more modern in design. Very attractive!

An attractive down turned brim, with large blooms both on top of & below the brim.

My favourite Royal Hat of the 2nd day of Ascot goes to Camilla. I will write a separate post on this piece soon. But all in all, a lovely piece of millinery.

And my overall favourite hat of the day….goes to Holly Willoughby in this beautiful black percher. Again I’ll write a full blog post on why I love this so much.

Thanks for reading.


All images embedded from Getty Images.

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