Silver Lilac Fascinator for Mother of the Bride

Last week I got a lovely email through from mother of the bride, Debbie.

“Hi Katie

Just wanted to thank you for my lovely fascinator for my daughters wedding.  It was just perfect.

Debbie Allen”

Debbie had the lovely Sofia Fascinator, which is proving very popular this year.  It’s an elegant saucer disc design, sitting diagonally on the head.  This diagonal placement is very flattering & suits so many ladies.

The saucer disc was made a soft silver lilac sinamay that picked up the colour so well of Debbie’s jacket.  I think her whole outfit looks utterly sublime.


The design itself has folded loops of sinamay placed on top of the disc, with a soft bow atop of that.  The detail doesn’t sit too proudly from the disc, which is what makes it such a popular style.  A lot of disc’s have large prominent bows & feathers, whereas this is a lot more subtle.

I think you’ll all agree Debbie looks radiant; thank you for allowing me to share these photographs of your daughter’s wedding day.  I have cropped the images, to ensure privacy of Debbie’s family, but the original photographs are by GD Photographer & are posted with Gary’s permission.




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