Royal Ascot 2017 – Day 5

Taking a look at the last day of Royal Ascot 2017; it’s been a great year & all of the pieces that have been named as either Hat of the Day or Royal Hat of the Day, will have a separate blog post written about them shortly.

But first up….my favourite pieces of the final day at Royal Ascot….

The Queen wore a striking magenta hat with a floral trim. There is a slight difference with the upturned brim, which adds a little bit of extra detail that we don’t always see from her.


Obviously with the lady’s hand in the way it’s difficult to see this hat fully, but I like the feel that I am getting from it. You can’t beat an abundance of ostrich feathers to create a feeling of opulence.


Amy Williams looks amazing in this piece, it reminds me of a sea urchin….in a really good way! I love it & this nearly became my Hat of the Day.


A simple pink straw beret, with a matching twist on top of it. Reminding us once again that less is more…..


I am loving this large over sized brim….and I particularly love the beaded crown. How gorgeous is this hat?


We have seen loads of Boaters at Ascot this last week, and here is another take on that, just a simple feather twisting up from the crown; very elegant.


This hat has a nice curved shape to the brim of it. We don’t see this shape as often as we should.


This is a very small brimmed hat, with a goose biot boa decorating it. The feathers are stronger & sturdier than ostrich feathers, so look a little more robust. I like this piece a lot.


Nazer Bullen who won yesterday’s Hat of the Day, wows again with this unusual style.


I’m loving this brightly coloured, wide straw hat.


What a beautiful headpiece in shades of lilac & purple! A tear drop percher shape that has a draping effect, twisting upwards. Lovely!


The winner of the Royal Hat of the Day….goes to a non-Royal. Bear with me….Mrs Mark Davies was in the Royal Procession & is clearly well known to the Royal family. I do not know who she is but a crude google search suggest she has been friends of the family for some time. So I have decided to allow her to win today’s title with this chic hat.


My favourite Hat of the Day is this unusual piece, worn by Lucy Verasamy. I’ll write a separate blog post on why I like this hat soon, but for now you can see it here:


Well that was Royal Ascot 2017….all done & dusted! It’s been a great week & I’ve loved looking at all of the wonderful fashions that are on show.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog posts on Royal Ascot too.



All images embedded from Getty Images.

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