My Favourite Hat – Royal Ascot 2017 – Day 1

Last summer, each day of Royal Ascot, I wrote a blog post on all of the wonderful hats & fascinators that we saw there.  I choose a favourite Royal Hat of the Day & my favourite overall Hat of the Day.  For Day 1, I decided this stunning hat was my favourite.


Embed from Getty Images

There as a sturdy black pill box base to the hat, ensuring it is sat safely & securely on the head. I think this is made from black velvet. And the eye catching decoration of large ostrich plums spray out from the left side of that.

The feathers are in a dark royal blue & turquoise to match the ladies dress. I can’t find a photograph of the lady’s full outfit, but I am going to assume that the bottom of her dress is a plain fabric too: and that is the perfect type of dress to suit such an elaborate piece.

There appears to be a white rose in the centre of the plums & also covering the right side of the hat; which I’ll be honest I missed the first time I saw this photo! I think I was so struck by the feathers that was what I was concentrating on!

Even though it’s a very large piece, this would actually be quite light weight to wear as the drama & size is created by the feathers.

I’m not sure who made this piece…but they should be very pleased…it’s stunning!


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