Queen Elizabeth’s awesome hats!

This week Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 94th birthday & I thought it was the perfect opportunity to look at my favourite Top 10 hats of her’s that I love.  But I couldn’t narrow it down to just 10….so I’m sharing my Top 15 instead.


Queen Elizabeth II wearing a green jacket and beribboned hat, circa 1973. The hat is by milliner Simone Mirman. (Photo by Serge Lemoine/Getty Images)

The Queen wore this green floral hat to Ascot in 1973. I love the draping at the back of the head & around this time we saw her wears this style a lot.  The white flowers really are a pretty addition too & make it feel very fresh & summery!



ASCOT, ENGLAND – JUNE 17: Queen Elizabeth II attends day 4 of Royal Ascot at Ascot Racecourse on June 17, 2016 in Ascot, England. (Photo by Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images)

Once again at Royal Ascot, in 2016 the Queen wore this vibrant pink hat I love the feathers on it; it’s very unlike her to have that much feather work & usually something like this would be seen on Camilla’s hats.  But actually it works really well with the smaller brim. **



Queen Elizabeth II during a visit to Kent, November 1994. (Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images)

Considering all of the decorative & elaborate hats the Queen has worn, this is not an obvious choice for a favourite hat’s list I’m sure, but this hat made me stop scrolling & zoom in.  There is something about the simplicity of it & the weaving technique that intrigues me; it cleverly incorporates the fabric from her coat.  As it’s brimless too, we can see all of her face easily, & this is something that she is conscious of as she knows everyone wants a photograph of her!



INVERNESS, UNITED KINGDOM – AUGUST 15: The Queen In Inverness Wearing A Hat By Milliner Frederick Fox And A Diamond Bow Brooch. (Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images)

This is a really famous hat of Queen Elizabeth’s, she wore it in 1985 & there are soft tulips hanging down the back of the hat. This was made by Frederick Fox & you will always see it on display in any millinery exhibitions of the Queen’s wardrobe.  It’s beautiful & this photo does not do it justice. *



UNSPECIFIED LOCATION – JULY: Queen Elizabeth II in a smiling at an unspecified location in July of 2003. (Photo by Anwar Hussein/Getty Images)

I love the crown of this hat!  It’s so simple… just layers & layers of veiling.  It’s textured, fun, effective & very unusual! This hat makes me smile!  It was worn in 2003 & I’ve not seen her wear anything similar since.



Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II), 10th May 1945. (Photo by Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

This photo is beautiful, it was taken in 1945 & the large sweeping up brim is very dramatic.  I adore the fabric, peeping out from under the crown too, just giving a little extra detail to the front, made from the same fabric of the bow at the back of her head.  I’d love to know what colours this was made in.



NEWBURY, UNITED KINGDOM – APRIL 16: (EMBARGOED FOR PUBLICATION IN UK NEWSPAPERS UNTIL 48 HOURS AFTER CREATE DATE AND TIME) Queen Elizabeth II attends the Dubai Duty Free Weekend horseracing meet at Newbury Racecourse on April 16, 2011 in Newbury, England. (Photo by Indigo/Getty Images)

Possibly my favourite!  I love these muted colours, I think taupe & baby blue go so well together.  The buttons up the front of the crown echo her buttons on her coat & the crown is a rather unusual inverted v-shape. She can easily wear this dramatic crown as the fabric & simple decoration does the talking so there isn’t too much else that needs embellishing it. **



Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II smiles during a visit to The Royal Veterinary College in Hertfordshire, 30 October 2003. She is wearing a hat by Philip Somerville. /WPA POOL (Photo credit should read KIRSTY WIGGLESWORTH/AFP via Getty Images)

The Queen used to wear brimless hats a lot more & this is a lovely example of how they can be elaborate & striking still.  This slanted velvet pillbox has a ruched element at the base & gorgeous orange stripes decorating it too.  I think it’s really elegant.



Queen Elizabeth in a yellow hat with a wide brim
Queen Elizabeth II smiles at the Stratford Theater as the actors perform the wedding scene from Shakespeare’s “The Taming Of The Shrew” in in Stratford, Ontario, 28 June. The Queen is on the sixth day of her 10-day-offical visit to Canada. (Photo credit should read ANDRE PICHETTE/AFP via Getty Images)

You can see with this vibrant yellow design, worn in 1997, just how bold some of the Queen’s hat’s have been.  The hat itself is fairly plain with little decoration, but then we see this dramatic front facing brim that stands proudly from the edge.  This hat makes a real statement, both in style & colour. *



Queen Elizabeth in hot bright pink & lime green hat.
WINNIPEG, CANADA – JULY 3: Queen Elizabeth II listens to a speech by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper at Government House on July 3, 2010 in Winnipeg, Canada. The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are on an eight day tour of Canada, starting in Halifax and finishing in Toronto, to celebrate the centenary of the Canadian Navy and to mark Canada Day on July 1st. On July 6th the royal couple will make their way to New York where the Queen will address the UN and visit Ground Zero. (Photo by John Stillwell – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

This hat offers another vibrant & bold look; there are so many wonderful elements about this hat!  Firstly, I just love the green & pink colour combination; it’s one of my favourites.  The brim is made of window sinamay, so it’s a nice open weave & gives a lovely light balance in comparison to the strong, solid crown.  The 4 arrow head feathers just finish the hat completely! **



Queen Elizabeth wears a dark brown black fur winter hat
DERSINGHAM, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 03: Queen Elizabeth II laughs as she is taken on a tour of the Carole Brown Health Centre on February 3, 2009 in Dersingham, England. The Queen attended on her own as the Duke of Edinburgh was unable to for health reasons. Amongst others the Queen met nurses, community team and primary care trust representatives. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

This hat is a classic winter fur hat, but it’s incredibly elegant.  I think it’s fabulous; it’s not particularly unusual, and it doesn’t need to be.  The Queen wears so many hats in so many styles & this just sits beautifully.



Queen Elizabeth wears a cream beret
NEWBURY, UNITED KINGDOM – FEBRUARY 01: The Queen On A Visit To Newbury, Berkshire. (Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images)

I’ve seen the Queen wear berets with this style & shape before, but it’s the addition of the gold satin bow that completes this hat. I actually think the bow has been added at the last minute & wasn’t part of the original design; it goes to show to little changes like that can make all the difference.



Queen Elizabeth is turquoise aqua blue hat
KECSKEMET, HUNGARY – MAY 06: The Queen In Kecskemet, Hungary. (Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images)

How cool is this hat?  The draped twist on the top of the crown is so unusual.  It is complimented with a small plain brim & contrasting band.  There needs to be nothing else added to this hat, it’s wonderful. *



Queen Elizabeth wears a blue pillbox hat with feathers
SOLOMON ISLANDS – OCTOBER 18: The Queen In The Solomon Isles During Her Official Tour Of The South Pacific Islands Wearing A Hat With Feathers (designed By Milliner Frederick Fox), Three-strand Pearl Necklace And The Empress Marie Feodorovna Of Russia’s Sapphire, Diamond And Pearl Brooch. (Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images)

Another famous hat of The Queen’s is this blue spotted pillbox.  Made from a delicate chiffon, the same fabric as her dress; & then perfectly decorated with equally delicate draped feathers.  It’s effortlessly sublime & 30+ years since it was created, it wouldn’t be out of place today at any wedding or ladies day. *



Queen Elizabeth wears a black veil with velvet bows
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – MAY 20: Queen At Chelsea Flower Show In London Wearing A Hairnet With Bows (Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images)

Ok I know it’s not a hat; but it’s a pretty, delicate veiled skull cap.  It is then decorated with black satin bows sporadically placed all over it & it just makes me smile!  It’s fun & full of whimsy! **


I hope you have enjoyed reading this post… and wishing you a very happy birthday Her Majesty.




* – made by Frederick Fox & Stella Mclaren

** & main featured image – made by Angela Kelly & Stella Mclaren


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