What is sinamay?

I thought I’d give you a nice informative post this week.  One of the main fabrics used in millinery is sinamay.  And I get asked all the time about it.  So here you go….

Sinamay is made from coconut and is a very rough fabric, made up of woven fibres.  You buy sinamay in meterage or on a roll as you would any other sorts of material.

Sinamay comes in a variety of colours and you can even get textured and printed varieties too.

As the sinamay is so rough you have to soak it, sometimes in a stiffening agent (dependent on what it is to be used for), and once soften you can begin working with it.  You can create such a wide range of designs from sinamay and it’s my favourite fabric to work with.

Below are hats and fascinators that I’ve made using sinamay.

So I hope you all feel a little more educated now :-)