Improve Your Online Presence #TheSocialMilliner

“Social media is a great way to get discovered in the industry because it's free, it's worldwide, and everyone's on it - a very powerful combination” Winnie Harlow

I know that my business has grown significantly in the last few years because of the way I use social media. I’ve always planned my social media; creating strategies to ensure my brand is accurately represented, and that I am systematic about reaching my business goals.

In 2018 I launched #TheSocialMilliner, a monthly newsletter written for milliners and other small business owners. In it, I teach readers how to use social media to increase their presence online.

What's included #thesocialmilliner newsletter

  • the always-popular and super-useful #hashtagcalendar - a list of different hashtags that you can use for every single day of the year. No more racking your brains about what to post!
  • tips and tricks on how you can use social media to boost your business presence online
  • monthly social media challenges providing you with the ability to create content
  • an up to date calendar of millinery events throughout the world
  • tips to keep your social media strategised and targeted
  • advice on marketing your business correctly through social media
  • access to a closed Facebook group
  • access to webinars with further information and content

#TheSocialMillinerSign up today

“Sounds great – but everything to do with social media marketing seems so expensive...”

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised! A subscription to #TheSocialMilliner is just £30 per year - a small price to invest in growing your business - and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

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