Bridal Peacock Headdress in Rock n Roll Bride

So I was super excited to be asked to make the most awesome headdress for my tattoo artist, Lizi Sage.  Lizi wanted something unique & personal too….this is what I made her!

Lizi1 (11)

Lizi & Jim have 2 gorgeous boys together & often they go walking in the local countryside near to where they live; whilst out on their walks they started collecting feathers that had fallen from birds in the Kent countryside.  Lizi explained to me that her boys would get incredibly excited when they would come across more & more elaborate and colourful feathers!

Lizi1 (1)

In this headdress we have an abundance of pheasant feathers, peacock, geese, parakeet & even parrot feathers too.  I was so incredibly excited when Lizi handed over a very large bag full of feathers….I was also really nervous too!

I first had to treat all of the feathers, to ensure that there were no bugs or mites on them & for 4 days I took over my parents garage as I lay them out, treating & cleaning them all.  And then the time came to create the headpiece….

To start off with I lay them out in their groups of bird that they originate from, and then I created a rough guideline of shape on my desk.  Once I had that sorted I started on the actual piece.  Each feather is hand sewn in place & this headdress is built up layer, by layer.  It is one of the most awesome things I’ve ever made & I’m so thankful that Lizi trusted me with it!!!

I wasn’t the only person that loved the feel of Lizi Jim’s special day either….so did Kat from Rock N Roll Bride who recently featured their wedding in her world famous magazine!  These photographs were taken by the incredible wedding photographer Sassy; there were so many photos to choose from (you can see them all here)…I’m just showing you a few, but I think you’ll all agree Lizi looked outrageously good!  🙂

Thanks for reading and for the permission to use the images, as always, it’s appreciated.





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