Enchanted Fairy Photoshoots with Tracy Williams

So I first met Tracy from Tracy Williams Studio Photography at a wedding fair about 5 years ago.  We instantly hit it off and have been in touch since!  Tracy is a well established photographer and a few years ago contacted me with an idea she had!  She wanted to create photograph’s of toddlers in woodland area’s in Essex with them dressed as Enchanted Fairies.

And I was given the challenge to design the suitable and wearable head piece.  Some of the notes I had to take into consideration are that the children all have different sized heads, different type of hair & knowing that some children might not be comfortable wearing some items. 

And so along with Tracy’s input I designed and made a coronet that is very light to wear, and has trailing tendrils down the back of the head to add an element of sparkle discretely in the photo’s.

I think the images are great.  I’m sure you’ll all agree.

Here are just some of the images that she has captured so far!  But you can see a lot more on her gallery.  The price of the Enchanted Fairy photo shoot, including use of the costumes and receiving two 5 x 7 prints is a total of £95; and you can find further information for this lovely package here.




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