How To Wear A Fascinator – Part 1

The most common question I get asked is: “how do I wear a fascinator?”  Well I’m about to tell you.

Traditionally a fascinator is worn on the right hand side of your head.  This tradition came about because when a lady was out courting with her beau, he would stand on her left, protecting her from the carriages & she began tilting her hat to the right side of her head, so that she could still easily converse with him.  And thus….the fascinator was born!


In the image above you can see that if the saucer disc was on the other side, Kate wouldn’t be able to talk easily to Prince William at all!

Anyway, these days fascinator’s can be worn in any position.  Personally when I am designing a fascinator I naturally design it for the right, & any pieces on the high street will be designed to sit on the right side too.  But they can easily be worn on the left, it’s down to personal preference…..however, there are some rules that I stick to…..

If you are having your hair in a parting, please wear your fascinator covering the parting, irrelevant of which side it is.  If not, from the side with no fascinator, all you are looking at is your roots & any volume you might have with a fringe, will be squashed!  Victoria Pendleton looks beautiful, as always, but if her fascinator had been on the other side, it wouldn’t have squashed her fringe.


Obviously Elizabeth Hurley is wearing a different design, but above you can see the placement of the fascinator over her parting just looks more comfortable.

If you have no parting….then you are pretty lucky and can where it which ever side you want.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be worn on the side at all.  You can wear them at the back and it is increasingly becoming more popular to wear them at the front, as my lovely model Nic is showing here……

And Part 2 of How To Wear A Fascinator will be coming to a blog near you soon….it’ll be how to actually secure it to your head!  Without the use of double sided sticky tape or staples!



Images 1, 2 & 3 embedded from GettyImages. Image 4 from Fiona Kelly.

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