Leopard Print Head Band – Autumn / Winter 2012

I love leopard print.  I honestly could sit drooling over the stuff for hours.  Dad has referred to me as Kat Slater from EastEnders due to my love for it….this doesn’t offend me.  So yeah, it’s safe to say I adore this headband.

This headband is made up of leopard print fur felt and is sooooooo warm & toasty to wear I cannot tell you.  Your ears literally feel like warm marshmallows and clouds of fluffy happiness.

It is also really wearable and just goes with anything.  I have one of these, and in the winter it comes with me everywhere I go.  It doesn’t matter how I have my hair, it just pops on my head, and then whenI take it off my hair is fine!  It’s fabulous!

This exact one has been sold, but I can remake this in any colour or print.



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