Ostrich Feathered Comb – Bridal Millinery

Today up on the blog is this pretty feathered bridal comb. 


This comb started life when a broken Art Deco brooch landed on my desk. I loved the shape of it, as well as the solid design. I wanted to use it for something but had to wait until I had the right idea for it. 

A few weeks went by when I suddenly thought, as the brooch was so solid I should use it to adorn delicate feathers…..really soft & delicate feathers. And so I used some luxurious Ostrich feathers to create a spray design & placed the brooch at the base. 

When I say that the brooch was broken, I purely mean the clasp on the back. The actual front of the brooch is fine! 🙂

I was really pleased with this and think it’s an easily wearable design to suit lots of hair styles. It’s still available to buy here: https://www.katievaledesigns.com/katie-vale-bridal.html

Hope you like the photos; they capture the softness & movement of the feathers perfectly.



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