Floral band – bridal millinery

On the blog tonight I’m showing you all of the photos of this lovely floral band. 


The time & patience required to make this band is really quite a lot!!! 🙂 each petal has been cut & shaped by me in gorgeous light paper silk. The leaves have been individually cut & shaped from a luxurious velvet. 

They have then been sewn together, creating small flowers & building up the overall design of the piece. 

It’s very delicate, yet eye catching too. I think this is quite a statement piece for a bride. I love flowers & really wanted to make a floral headpiece that would be subtle enough that it wouldn’t take over the whole brides outfit, but would enhance it. 

Anyway here are all of the photos taken at the gorgeous RHS Wisley. This design is still for sale & ready to be shipped anywhere for the bride who wants it 🙂 



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