Mary Portas: Ascot 2015

I am already in full on Ascot 2016 mode….so I thought I’d take a look at one of the attention grabbing Ascot hats of 2015.  Today I’ll be looking at the Noel Stewart hat worn by Mary Portas.



At first glimpse a lot of people thought this was sheets of vinyl, but when you look closer it’s clear to see these are feathers laying horizontally across the top of a small percher.

I love the overall look that Mary was sporting this day & as always she looks sleek, classy & striking.


Mary is tall & slender, and this is highlighted even more with this trouser suit; because the feathers all lay horizontally on this piece it stops her completely dead at the top, which for Mary is fine.  But if you were a shorter person wanting to wear this hat, it may make you look even shorter.

If I’m honest I would have liked the feathers to be a closer match, colour wise to her outfit which is navy blue & white, whereas the hat is sky blue & black but the tones are all similar.

I am intrigued by this hat & keep looking at it….but I can’t decide if I like it.  I like elements of it, but think there are very few people that could pull this look off.  I personally wouldn’t wear it, but I would wear something similar if there was more variation to the position of the feathers.


I was also wondering what it would look like from behind……

The feathers are all placed on a black satin percher hat, so from behind you really aren’t going to see much at all, as the full design is at the front.  Had there been more height this would’ve worked visually from behind too.


It’s also very obvious that when you look at the views from the side, it looks very flat against her head.  There is no shape or depth there.  You could have still got a very modern & striking style by use of these feathers, but I would’ve been tempted to do more with them than just lay them across like this.

Overall I love Mary’s look & think she carries this style with the confidence it needs; and I applaud Noel Stewart for his continued boundary pushing within millinery.  I cannot wait to see what she wears this Ascot!






All images from gettyimages as above.

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