What to wear – Blue & White Summer Dress

Very often I get ladies come in with their outfits that they plan to wear for a special day & ask me what I would put with it.  My choices vary from person to person, dependent on their face shape, hair style & how comfortable they are with wearing hats & fascinators; but there is usually one piece that jumps out to me straight away too.

Below is this beautiful dress from Coast.What to wear - blue (3) What to wear - blue (4)

This beautiful dress is perfect for a summer wedding or ladie’s day at the races.  It has a white V-neck top, with a baby blue floral jacquard full skirt.  This appears to be a skirt & top, but it is a dress.

This dress is very light and feminine too; yet the jacquard material of the skirt will ensure that it’s quite structured too.  In light of this I have matched it with this design in my studio (excuse the phone pics!)

What to wear - blue (2) What to wear - blue (3)

This piece is a small baby blue fascinator base, & emanating from that is a veiled disc that replaces a hat with a brim!  It is a large piece, but as it is veiling, it appears incredibly light too.  There is then a puff of veiling from the top of the base, along with feathers protruding from it too!

I think these two would go perfect together & would make a beautiful summer outfit!

What to wear - blue (1) What to wear - blue (4)



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