Happy Birthday to The Queen

Yesterday was Queen Elizabeth’s 91st birthday, & she spent the day at Newberry Racecourse.


The Queen wore this soft pink felt hat & it had of course her trade mark, narrow brim.  A hat with this shape, will be easy for the Queen to wear & will allow her to converse with everyone.  Also it allows for her to be photographed, without the larger brim getting in the way.  I like to think the Queen purposely wears a small brim like this, specifically so  her adoring crowds can see her clearly.


The crown of the hat was a large flat top, and was trimmed with a felt bow & small spray of curled feathers, picking up the colour of the detail of her coat.  I think the Queen looks like she had a wonderful day out celebrating!



Happy Birthday!  I hope there was lots of cake!


Images embedded from Getty Images.

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