Royal Ascot 2017 – Ladies’ Day

The Thursday of Royal Ascot is the one we have all been waiting for, the infamous Ladies’ Day.  The hats, fascinators & fashion that we see at this event never fails to impress & this year was no different!  Here are a selection of my favourite pieces worn on the day.

Her Majesty wore this boucle covered fuchsia hat, decorated with flowers & soft green leaves. This shaped hat has become her go-to shape over the last decade, it does suit her but I’d love to see her mix things up a little bit more!


Amanda Wakeley looks classic & chic in this black wide brimmed fedora.

Zara Tindall wore a soft pink percher hat with a flower on it made from the left over straw of the base & then a silk flower in the centre. I like the shape of the base too, almost like an angular tear drop.


Again we see a spray of coloured feathers arching upwards….I like this piece! I think this style will be around a lot more too, every day at Ascot there has been at least one hat in this sort of style.

Princess Anne has chosen a very classic shaped base, made of bottle green sinamay. There is then a covered loop placed at the back of the design in the same material as her dress too. I have to say this is the nicest piece of millinery I’ve seen Anne wear for some time.


Now that is a hat to wow the crowds…..I just love the drama of it!


The different coloured layers of the crown add an attractive design to this piece, the colours just pop out of an otherwise simplistic shape.


A double crin disc creates this striking piece….


As she does every year, the wonderful Rebecca has created a show stopper. Here you can see her in an Ostrich feathered hat depicting a flame!

I love the sweeping curve of this piece. There’s a lot of movement in this hat….gorgeous!

This lace covered disc is very effective…

Now that is an unusual piece….if that is rolls of sinamay, that would have taken a very long time indeed & be incredibly fiddly to structure together.

A pretty raspberry coloured disc with softening flowers either side to compliment the ladies dress.

There has been a fair amount of orange about this year….I like this piece, & the unusual pleated crin wings that adorn it.

This has come a close 2nd for favourite hat of the day…I love the Rapunzel waves tumbling down her side. Gorgeous!

What a beautiful coloured trilby!

An unusual use of feathers, these pieces have been curved back on themselves & lots of different loops created.

My favourite Royal Hat of the day was worn by Princess Eugenie. This very plain navy blue disc has very little decoration on it, other than some red flowers placed on the brim to match her dress. The simplicity of it is what appeals to me.

And my favourite hat of the day has been worn by TV Presenter Aly Vance. I’ll post a separate blog on it at a later date too.

Oh Royal Ascot….you never fail to disappoint!

Thank you


All images embedded from Getty Images.

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