Royal Ascot 2017 – Day 4

The most extravagant day at Royal Ascot is always Ladies Day on the Thursday, however we still see a lot of wonderful pieces worn the rest of the week too.  This post will specifically be looking at Friday’s fashions & my favourite choices…..
The Queen wore a lovely aqua shade on Friday & once again we saw her in a chunky crowned hat.


Sarah Ferguson wore a black beret style hat, with an elaborate black & white bow to the side of it. I always remembering wearing “Fergie Bow’s” in my hair as a child in the 80s, so I like that she is wearing a trade mark big bow in her hat….


Another piece from the aqua / teal / blue palette of colours. I like the upturned brim with 3 large dyed pheasant feathers.


This dove grey piece is incredibly light, yet full of movement. It’s made up of sprays of cut coque feathers & is really striking!


I love how the colour of the navy blue bow, gently bleeds into the fabric that covers the button base of this piece.


A pretty of use of curled feathers, adding a touch of drama to this hat.


A small detailed bow makes this percher stand out at Ascot.


I love how this traditional pill box style with bird cage veiling, then has twists of straw shooting up out of it, giving it a much more modern feel.


This was very nearly crowned my favourite piece of the day, worn by singer Camilla Kerslake, I like the pleated sinamay & delicate scattering of flowers. It’s an unusual piece without being large & over powering.


My favourite Royal Hat of the day was worn by Princess Beatrice. I adore this hat! There’s so much about it that I like, I’ll include it all in my blog post on it shortly.


And my favourite piece of the day is this monochrome wide brimmed hat worn by Nazer Bullen. I’ll write a serperate blog post on why this is my favourite piece shortly.

So there’s now only 1 day left of Royal Ascot 2017…..

Thanks for reading so far.


All images embedded from Getty Images.

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