Building Your Brand: Instagram For Small Businesses

Sign up to this month’s masterclass on Instagram branding & how to ensure your business is portrayed as you want it to be.

What is a Masterclass?  It’ll be a recorded video training session, you will need to log in to via a link sent to you.  You can then watch as I show you how to use Instagram by sharing images & videos of my screen at work.

How long will it last?  Approx 45 minutes.

When is it?  It’ll be available from 18th March onwards.  You can then watch it from the comfort of your own home / desk / workspace!  As long as you can connect to the internet you can join.

Does it cost anything?  It costs £5 to sign up if you are already a member of #TheSocialMilliner & £10 to anyone else!

How do I sign up?  Click the button below to pay your registration fee.  I’ll then send you the link to the masterclass.

Types of Membership

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